When you make purchases or sales of securities, you can go through the securities account support. These can take the form of shares, bonds, FCPs, SICAVs, etc. In this article we will present the guide that will allow you to open a securities account, which you should contact to do so, what to present and if there are better alternatives to achieve your objectives. In short, if you want to enter the financial market through the front door, this tutorial is for you!

How to open a new title account:

Let’s start by indicating that the status of the entrepreneur does not matter when you are going to open a title account. In fact, you can do so as a natural person and even as a legal entity. In fact, even minors can contract it, as long as they have the main consent of their parents.

Sometimes, profitability requires careful analysis.

The most classic method is to go to your banker. It is obvious that today banks no longer limit themselves to their core activities and now offer comprehensive financial services to remain competitive. That said, you can also go to online banks, which sometimes offer more interesting advantages than traditional banks, as they rarely charge additional fees. Moreover, since the emergence of online trading platforms, some exceptionally efficient brokers also offer their clients the benefit of these accounts and all their advantages.

How do I access a securities account?

Regardless of the intermediary you choose, the documents you will be asked to complete will be virtually the same. Thus, you will have to fill in a form whose function will be to assess your ability to benefit from this account and the investments you will be able to make in it. This questionnaire comes directly from the AMF, which is an organisation that defends the interests of investors. Consequently, the intermediary will be obliged to present it to you.

Then all you have to do is receive the contract and sign it. In addition, it is important to keep the copy that will serve you later. In this contract, you will find several details about the conditions of acquisition of the account in question.

How do I open an account on the stock exchange?

If you want to make as much money as the best traders, you can choose to trade stock assets online. In the past, the Livret A option was certainly an alternative, but today, this savings book has lost much of its profitability that can no longer even cover the currency devaluation that occurs due to inflation. Among the stock market products of this type, there are unfortunately securities accounts, as well as stock savings plans.

Although depending on the intermediary, the return on your investments may vary, it is important to note that in any case the return will always be quite limited, especially if we compare it with what was done a few years earlier.

The advantages and disadvantages of the stock savings plan:

This type of saving consists of a simple portfolio of special shares. The latter is distinguished by its tax advantages, including dividends that you can receive in full, without tax deductions. The only compulsory condition for benefiting from these advantages is to block the account for five consecutive years.

With respect to ADP, only banks and insurance companies can help you obtain it. In addition, it is important to note that there are two types of ADP:

  • Classic ADP: this is the basic ADP that anyone can access.
  • SME / ETI ADP: Here we talk about ADP which is designed for small and medium sized enterprises.
  • It should be noted, in passing, that there is an upper limit that cannot be exceeded with the SAPs. The latter is limited to a maximum of GBP 150 000 for the basic SAP and only GBP 75 000 for small and medium-sized enterprises.

There is nothing to prevent you from accessing both types of ADP and benefiting from a maximum of 225,000 pounds.

Securities accounts:

The idea is to find a good balance between risk, profitability and flexibility.

In a sense, there is not much difference between stock accounts and SAPs. In fact, this account also allows investors to benefit from the advantages of the market in Britain and also in Europe. However, with regard to the Action Savings Plan, the difference is quite obvious, as there are no limits to the number of securities accounts that can be opened. Furthermore, blocking the account is not a condition and therefore you can access your funds at any time.

That said, in the case of securities accounts, it is essential to consider the tax aspect, as they have limited exemptions, compared to the SAPs. Perhaps the weakest point of securities accounts is the fact that dividends are taxable.

With the securities accounts, there are also social security deductions of over 15%.

How do you manage your stock market accounts?

To manage your accounts in the stock market, you can proceed by following different methods. Moreover, the choice is yours and you can do it at the same time as you open a new account. If you are the type that likes to have maximum control over your funds, you can opt for free management.

However, if you still lack experience and prefer to rely on experts, you still have the possibility to resort to advised management. Thanks to the latter, you can benefit from serious experience, but in return, you will limit the control you have over your capital.

Finally, there is management by mandate, which, as its name suggests, consists of bequeathing orders to agents specialised in this field of activity.

How to make the right choice of account?

To proceed methodically and make the right decision, you can isolate each stock market product and analyse it individually. Then all that remains is to start comparing them with each other, taking into account the different promotions that have a time limit. These are interesting, if appropriate, but are not representative of the overall performance of the account in question.

Their choice will be based mainly on medium and long-term profitability.

Opening a securities account with an online broker: the best alternative?

Even if it is, in both cases of a securities account, the advantages that you will obtain when you open it with an online broker are greater than those that you can have with a traditional bank or even an online bank. That said, even among online brokers, not all offer the same strengths. Therefore, it is essential to make the best possible choice.

Based on the various studies and multiple analyses that we have carried out, we have concluded that the best option for opening a securities account is the Alvexo broker. The latter will also give you the opportunity to trade the most profitable shares, giving you access to the most popular indices such as the Spanish CAC 40 and the American Dow Jones, among others… In addition, it will allow you to trade bonds and contracts. on the difference (CFD), which are certainly dangerous, but are also extremely profitable.